We know what it takes to be the LEADER. Customer Management Systems is an outsourced Business Development Center. We offer Phone Training and Follow-up Services to the automotive industry.
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Customer Management Systems was established in 2003 in Sanford, Florida by President and CEO James Koerner. After working for several years in various capacities in the customer satisfaction survey services industry, Mr. Koerner recognized that an opportunity existed to improve on existing industry standards by introducing high quality, state of the art processes and customer survey services to both product and service providers. By working with clients to better understand their needs and by utilizing evolving e-business capabilities, CMS developed an efficient server/pc/telecommunications systems and effective survey processes. Utilizing these capabilities, CMS introduced a state of the art professional call center with customer focused processes and the capability to serve both product and service providers cost effectively. Customer Management Systems initially established an excellent reputation in the automotive industry by focusing on high line manufacturers such as Lexus, Infiniti, and Mercedes-Benz USA. Recognizing the need for diversification, CMS has expanded its product offerings to address customer satisfaction survey requirements in the Cable, Title, and Medical/Dental industries. ​

James was tired of seeing multiple 'phone training programs' that were nothing but a short-term band-aid solution for dealerships, so he developed a phone training program that was geared toward being a long-term solution. He implemented the “Sweet 16” phone training program, and in the last three years alone has trained over 10,000 trainees at more than 2,000 dealerships nationwide. ​

The mission of every Customer Management Systems Employee is to execute each training session and survey contact in a professional manner as a representative of the CMS client, to insure that each training session and survey contact results in a positive experience for the individual contacted, and to provide each CMS client with timely and accurate customer feedback, and excellent appointment setting skills.