We know what it takes to be the LEADER. Customer Management Systems is an outsourced Business Development Center. We offer Phone Training and Follow-up Services to the automotive industry.
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Auto Dealership Phone Training

Customer Management Systems offers dealership phone training services. Call for a straight-forward approach to improving your staff’s phone conversions.
Kick Off Meeting
Once you have received the materials you will be contacted by an account manager to schedule the kick off meeting. The kick off meeting is a teleconference between your sales consultants and the account manager. The purpose of this meeting is to explain the responsibilities & foundation of the training to your sales staff. We will answer any questions the trainees have during this meeting. Training will begin once the kick off meeting is complete.
Weekly One-on-One Training Sessions
Each trainee will be responsible for calling in each week to complete their training session. Each session will take about 15 minutes to complete and consists of coaching & instruction as well as three role plays. The difficulty increases each week. For example, week one is a role play without any objections so the trainee can begin to understand the structure. By week 12 the trainee is role playing objections on price, appointment, phone number, etc. In the beginning they will be trained word for word on the script, but by session 8-9, they’ll begin to put their own personality into the structure and personalize the training. In the end this is a structure, not a script.
Weekly Verbal Training Updates
Each week you will receive a phone call from your account manager detailing the progress of the trainees. This will let you know who’s trained for the week and who still needs to call in and get their training done. You will always receive this call with enough time left in the week to make sure your team gets on the phone with us to train.
Weekly E-mailed Report Card
At the beginning of each week you will receive a weekly report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of each trainee. This report will include their weekly score and the trainer’s personal comments for you to see. You will be completely informed on a weekly basis on how each trainee is progressing.
Mystery Shopping Every 6 Weeks w/ Sales Team Teleconference Meeting
Throughout the training we will shop your store every 6 weeks and hold a sales teleconference meeting with management & the trainees. This creates accountability for the trainees to be using what they have learned as well as a group training environment. This also holds us accountable to provide what you’ve paid for.